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Our Commitments

Find out what makes our team so passionate about what we do.


Maths is for everyone

We believe maths is a fundamentally human activity. Hence we think that access to content, learning tools, literature and teaching should be made available to as many people as possible in order to break down barriers to learning.
In practice, this means providing low-cost high-quality learning resources to as many people as possible.


Talent is distributed equally

We believe talent is distributed equally among populations regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or economic background.
In practice, this means casting a wide net to search for talented mathematicians.


Everyone can derive enjoyment from learning

We believe that there is a natural spark in everyone to desire to learn more.
In practice, this means encouraging students to find their own internal motivation for learning.


Breaking down systemic barriers to learning is vitally important

We believe that there are currently systemic issues which prevent many students from achieving their true potential, and that removing these barriers serves the greater social good.
In practice, this means seeking out methods to reduce systemic biases and inequality and to champion figures of excellence who have triumphed over these adversities.


Maths is a powerful tool which can be adapted to solve many problems

We believe maths is an enormously powerful lens through which to view the world, and we would like to be central in its promotion as a vital human creation.
In practice, this means communicating ideas in maths with the aim of promoting understanding by the greatest number of people, preventing the gatekeeping of maths and creating a culture which promotes asking questions.


Every student deserves respect

We believe every student deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and that all those who seek to learn more should be invited to do so.
In practice, this means creating a safe and healthy space for all students.


Learning should be exciting

We believe learning is the process of making the unknown known, and that this process should be an exciting and engaging journey of self-discovery.
In practice, this means making every learning material we create as interesting as possible to the greatest number of students.


Learning should promote curiosity

We believe the best learning is done when one asks one's own questions.
In practice, this means having resources which lead naturally into one another, and lessons which spark questions.


Students should be active in their learning

We believe learning is not a spectator sport, and all students should be engaged when they learn.
In practice, this means giving students the autonomy and motivation to solve problems on their own instead of being directed to do so.


Learning goals should allow for failure

We believe failure is a fundamental part of success, and students should feel comfortable with the idea of failing in order to later succeed.
In practice, this means encouraging success but not discouraging failure or mistakes. Students should be told what they have solved correctly, but should not be admonished for their mistakes.


Learning should be applicable

We believe the best motivation for learning is when it is truly necessary in order to succeed in a task that a student wants to complete.
In practice, this means finding what students truly care about and using that as a basis for creating learning goals.

Meet Our Talented Team

We Are Designing the Future of Maths Education

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Malachy Reynolds
CEO of Quantifold
Founded February, 2022

Our Approach to Education

Our learning goals are curated to promote the best outcomes from the most students.

We believe every student should feel represented and important when learning something new.