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Frequently Asked Questions

We help teachers, learners and parents.
How do I get started?
Get started by registering an account with us! It's quick, easy and free.
What are maths grinds?
Maths grinds are after-school tutoring sessions to help students who are struggling with topics in maths. The word 'grind' is unique to Hiberno-English.
What is an example of your platform's functionality?
We use the results from tests, quizzes, in-class questionnaires, games and user interactions to create a model for how a user might best learn. This model is then used to predict where a user will next have trouble, which we then remedy with extra tutoring.
What is the cost of signing up?
Our basic plan is absolutely free and comes with everything you need to get started with learning in the 21st century. Subsequent plans allow you to get more targeted insights, specialist courses, classroom creation and 24/7 tutor support.