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Advanced Maths Learning Platform

Take your maths to the next level

Quantifold makes the process of learning maths incredibly easy. Put the joy back into learning using our unique system which learns as you learn.
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Innovative Approach

Innovative Features Optimised for Learning

We create a unique learning plan for every student that helps to inform how we solve problems. Every lesson, quiz and interactive activity informs our data approach.

Advanced Analytics

Platform Overview

Expert tutors combined with data-driven results create a perfect learning environment.
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Accelerate Your Progress to Achieve Success in Maths

We help our students achieve tangible, high-impact results.
Student Testing
We send out a standardised quiz for students to gauge their current level of maths ability.
Learning Optimisation
We generate a custom learning profile based on a student's current ability, and then create a unique study plan to maximise their success.
Dynamic Learning Goals
As the student learns through our interactive program their progress gets tracked and updates their learning goals.
Lighting-Fast Improvement
Students improve at a vastly improved rate with the added guidance of our unique algorithm.

Education Research

Our techniques use the latest in maths education research to make your learning journey as smooth as possible.
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Data-Informed Decisions

We used advanced data-analytics to create custom learning plans to ensure our students have positive learning progress.

Learning Ecosystem

Our unique learning environment connects you to tutors and services that will actually help you to succeed.

Smart Tracking

Track results with our custom tools, create decisions, implement learning strategies.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves!

We have a growing community of enthusiastic users.
Take a look for yourself:

Active Users

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Unique Streams Offered
Malachy Reynolds
Malachy Reynolds
CEO of Quantifold
Building Quantifold showed me that their can be no limit to maths learning progress, as long as you know where to look!

Accelerate Your Learning and Join Our Growing Community

Our users are discovering the power of data-informed learning and they are loving the results.

Choose a plan that works for you.

Our Pricing Plans

Lightning-fast maths learning is just a step away



For users trying out the platform.
1 Free Lesson
5 Free Quizzes
Basic Reports
Choose Starter



For users looking to quickly improve.
10 Free Classes Per Month
Unlimited Quizzes
Advanced Reports
Personalised Curriculum
24/7 Learning Support



For users looking to master maths.
Unlimited Classes
Unlimited Quizzes
Specialised Curriculum
Hyper-Specialised Reports
24/7 Learning Support

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We help teachers, learners and parents.
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