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Our Smart Tracking Protocol

Ever wondered why a student is struggling in a certain topic? With Quantifold, the information is there in black and white.

Find the information you need when you need it

Quantifold Keeps You Up-to-Date with Trends in Your Data.

Insights into how a student is progressing are always available when needed. Our metrics show the unique ways in which students learn and develop their maths skills.
Insights from this data can then by applied to create incredible content that explains the exact topic that students may be struggling with.

Meet Our Talented Team

We Are Creating One-Of-A-Kind Metrics to Track Learning

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Malachy Reynolds
CEO of Quantifold
Founded February, 2022

Our Smart-Tracking Program

Our insights give us the first-mover advantage when it comes to improving maths education.

When students wonder about where they may have a gap in their understanding, Quantifold's Smart Tracking can point this gap out and offer methods to fix it.